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Hi vinyl records fan!

If you came here, you are most likely looking for some information on storing LP records. And that’s great because this site is exactly about this! To start – choose the section you are interested in below!

LP record storage – best Ideas, Guides and Solutions

This site is obviously not yet completed. Well to be honest – it’s not even fully started yet! This is a very beginning and I’m working very hard to get all the things rolling and to publish as much material as possible. These are my main goals:

  1. I want to give you a knowledge about all the rules that one need to follow to properly store records.
  2. I want to tell you about all the different possibilities and ideas in storing records.
  3. I will find for you less popular solutions, to give you wider choice of possibilities. Some of them will be very fresh and underused!
  4. I will provide not only text and row data but drawings and 3D models of vinyl record storage units as well! I hope it will help you find ideas not only useful but also good looking!
  5. I will write about vinyl storage mostly, giving you reviews and ideas for it. I will write about other interesting vinyl-related stuff too.

Right from the beginning I’m waiting for your comments, questions and suggestions. Please use my contact form for this purpose. To show some very needed appreciation or just share it with your friends – please use the social buttons on left side! Yes – exactly, it’s OK to click them all! Thanks!

I strongly recommend you to bookmark this site, I’m working on a huge update and it will be loaded with information and ideas. You can use the buttons at the top to find out more on our social sites and follow this site. Thanks in advance, I hope you will find a lot of interesting content here!

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